Nails of the week: Glitter-manic

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simple purple glitter mani + matching pedi done at @millysbeautysg for the week! 
Such a gorgeous shade of purple, reminds me of Lime Crime make up's lipsticks tubes that I've been lemming for! That adorable little ring on my pinkie is a gift earlier this year from the fiance from Venus Tears.
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Bugis Village: 63384137
SMS/Call: 83835395
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Beauty Review: 100% in ♡ with Ettusais + The Providore

Friday, September 27, 2013

PEEKABOO RILA! Flat-iron straighter curls for that day cos I'm bored of curling my hair with my curling thong! Hahaha boliao. Wearing VDL Festival Lipstick in 502 CRUZ, an orange-red lippie + a red Ettusais lip jelly to match my new floral dress from Topshop!

Driving to town to meet nadnut hunnie to meet the Cheryl from Ettusais for dinner and updates on the latest launch products from Ettusais but I'm stuck in the annoying evening jam boo boo, going anywhere after working hours from ubi is hell. (u_u)

I took a whole hour stuck in the jam for a 15-20 mins drive on normal non-congested traffic.
Since i was stuck in the jam might as well camwhore haha #RoadHazardFidel

So i was finally there, amazingly i was just on time despite the jam! Dinner at The Providore at Mandarin Gallery with Nadnut + Cheryl from Ettusais! haha

Can't wait to try out the newly launched Ettusais products! 

It's not hard to fall in love with Ettusais, ever since I was in secondary school i remembered i was obsessed with the skincare range + flat design liquid then and lucky me, I became one of the Ettusais Brand Ambassador when i was 19 for that 2 years it was real fun constantly trying out and reviewing their new products monthly especially their limited edition collaboration products like Twin stars, Kewpie, Suzy zoo etc are usually so adorable!

But the awesome thing about Ettusais is not how girly + adorable the packaging is, but how simple and effective their skincare is without super complicated ingredients and chemicals, but even their makeup products always have tonnes of skincare benefits even before the "BB cream era", even makeup applicators are carefully designed to be extra caring and gentle on the skin. 

So yes, that's why I'm 100% in ♡ with Ettusais.

Do you know that the ettusais BB not only refers to "Blemish Balm", but also "Back to the Baby"? 
Hehe so cute right? I want my skin boing boing like a baby too!

The newly launched BB Mineral Liquid with SPF35.PA++  

It's a 8-in-1 BB mineral liquid it's oh so easy to spread and blends into my skin like a dream. 
It reminds me of my favourite ettusais flat design liquid but now only even better! ( ^ω^ )

When I use BB CREAMS because you usually need to "drag" the cream around your face a little to blend and I'm always so scared i will have premature wrinkles because of that! 

It's a wonder there are products for oily skinned girls like me so i don't look like a oily pan 24/7! 
And it's soooo awesome for oily skin because although its liquid but it has a powdery finish upon application! You can probably even skip your usual "setting" powder if you're using this if you don't have OTT oily skin! So in love with this!

Yep.. a huge fan of these BB Series, I LOVE THE MINERAL COMPACT and i use it almost every morning to set my base makeup!

Or you can simply use the [also newly launched] BB+ PLUS Mineral Powder to set it lightly.
It's actually a translucent BB mineral setting powder with no coverage (has a little shimmer for a slightly glowy sheen) the normal mineral compact/powder has coverage thou! 

BB Mineral Liquid is available in 2 shades, Light Beige + Natural Beige 
[perfect for tanned girls like me]

Ettusais Gentle Make off [ Limited Edition ♡ Suzy Zoo ] 

I've been using the Ettusais Gentle Make Off to remove my makeup since forever. Very very important to thoroughly remove all your makeup at the end of the day! It's a oil based makeup remover but unlike many other oil makeup remover, it doesn't feel overly greasy and gross. It also has Ettusais signature ingredient AC Control Oil to protect skin from bacteria while hydrating!

I know it sounds weird like what? Oil makeup remover don't feel greasy? But it's true and it works like a dream to get everything off so that's the most important part, heh the limited edition adorable Suzy Zoo packaging just makes my end of the day regime feel a little happier! Nadnut and I both love the duck! hahah cos it looks so frazzled but yet happy.

I've tried many other oil makeup remove that feels really eeky, like I'm greasing and prepping to go face down into a hot pan to get fried. Hahaha

 Ettusais Puru Puru Serum 

Last year in November, Ettusais released the Puru Puru Mist and i tried that then and i felt that it helps my skincare absorb quickly so there's no sticky feeling and i even use it to set my makeup too. 

Now they have launched the Puru Puru Serum which is really unique, I'm not sure if you can tell but at first look I was rather skeptical thinking 
"Sure or not! This is a serum? Why does it look more like a scrub!?" 

It's not that obvious in this picture but if you see if for yourself it really does look like those sugar body scrub, turns out that they are the Moisture Capsule! 
Moisture Capsules are capsules packed with condensed beautifying ingredients 
[ Hyaluronic acid + Fermented royal jelly + Collagen! ] 

That night i looked at this little tub of weird moisture capsules jelly serum skeptically but went ahead and applied it on my face and it is actually pretty fun! Hahaha no i did not feel a "sugar scrub" texture but as i spread it over my skin the capsule kinds of breaks down and it's able to penetrate deeply into my skin. It has this matte finish and it even reduce visible pores! 

The texture and finish reminds me of Estee Lauder's Perfectionist [CP+R] Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum!

So cute! The pouch holding the Ettusais new launch product info is handmade with love by the Ettusais girls. So gonna use this to hold my knicks knacks in my room/car!

The Providore

333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 02-05 Singapore 238897
6732 1565
9am until 11pm

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

LF: 9th year anniversary

Monday, September 23, 2013

It was our 9th year anniversary last week and the fiance just popped by my office to surprise me with these pretty roses! 

Heheheh awwww baby love you! So shocked I dunno what to say hahaha I even forgot to introduce him to my colleagues and my 2 guy colleague was just sitting there looking awkward hahaha

It's crazy how it's been 9 years, one more year to a decade! 
Seriously, I get shocked once a year like "whoa we're together for 7 years already?!"
Then WHAT? 8 years.. and now 9?! 

LOL I guess I'm in for a bigger shock next year, THE DECADE LONG ANNIVERSARY. Damn.

It's weird because you wonder where did that 9 years gone to, although we know each other so well and sometimes it's like we're just ONE person from random little things like listening to the radio and suddenly singing that one part of the song together at the very same time OR completing each other sentences OR 100% knowing what's up and what each other wants to say before we even get to it. 

But at times i feel like I should know him a lot better but still, sometimes he has some new edge to him or little things that he does that surprises me. 

So i guess we never know anybody too well don't we? And of course i mean it as a good thing, but i feel so excited now we're pretty much "moving to the next step" by putting down our $2k for our 1st apartment last September [will only be ready in a couple years] and him proposing on the very same day..
 Kena sabo by the waiter at Dozo haha

It's going to be an exciting few years ahead with all the planning & saving $$$ for the wedding, our apartment [lol, oddly I'm very excited about saving $, time to grow up!] but as of now we have not done any planning for the wedding haha cos I'm kinda stuck at my guestlist or I don't have the feel to get into it yet haha but when the time comes I'll definitely be blogging my ass off every step of it leading to the wedding!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty Review: Blistops, Stop BLISTERS before they stop you!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I love wearing my sky high heels but I totally dread breaking into that new gorgeous kicks because I hate to torture your feet, especially i have feets that are in between sizes, like a 7 is too snug but 8 is way too loose to walk comfortably without the back of the heels sliding off with every step. 

I wish footwear brand in Singapore will bring in half sizes like the US they have 7.5 etc which is PEEEEEERFEEEECT most of the time. 
Everytime i buy a new pair of shoes and i have to "season" it, it's always torture!

Couple of weeks back i received a little package on my doorstep that reads.. Blistop. And it got me curious enough to inspect what is this tiny little package immediately, Blistop? Blister..Stop?

Who doesn't hate blisters?! I looooove my heels, booties, whatever gives me that extra inches on my 1.58m self. Sigh, but sometimes they hurt so much that poor pair of gorgeous heels that caused the blisters would sit in the back of my wardrobe not seeing the light because of the fear of getting more blisters from wearing it.

Blistop is an invisible, topical spray that delivers instant protection from shoes that may cause friction on toes, heels and soles! Their tagline is Stop blisters before they stop you!

That was enough to catch my attention to try this new product so the very next day, I sprayed on some of this Blistop magic on the side of our feet, top of our toes and areas prone to blister to test it's claims while wearing my most blisters-inducing new heels that i bought in Bangkok!

It goes on transparent and it's waterproof and it seems like nothing is there but creates an elastic film-like barrier on the skin, protecting your feet where friction can occur and cause blisters. Since it's transparent and I couldn't see anything [seeing is believing right, in this case i haven't seen anything so i was pretty skeptical haha] so I thought oh well, let's see how well this is going to work! 

At the end of a long, long day of work + meeting up friends, running around in my heels, I realized only when i'm washing my feet with soap that I saw that invisible Blistop film on my feet peeling off and rememeber I was testing the Blistop and had spray it on that morning. 

I totally forgotten that it was there, only then I realized that even after a full day of running around in my new pinching high heels I did not have any blisters at all, not even redness or any sore feeling!

It seems like Blistop really works! It's really pretty amazing, being totally invisible to the eye upon application, no more walking around with ugly blister plasters, or fumbling with those annoyingly useless gel pads that promise to avoid blisters but we still get blisters anyway!

This convinient nifty litter spray is a must have for me now and ladies, if you love love your heels now you don't have to suffer sores and blisters in exchange for style! 
It contains up to 50 applications and we think it's well worth the price-tag of $11.90!

Blistop is available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Sasa and independent pharmacies nationwide!
♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored Review: FANCL new Moisturizing Line + Adventure Cove + Giveaway Sunday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thanks Fancl for sending over some love! (:

 The Moisturizing Line works to instantly hydrate skin by improving skin’s natural moisturizing function. It effectively delivers moisture deep into skin and promotes moisture retention, enhancing skin’s radiance and suppleness. When natural moisturizing functions are restored, skin is able to naturally fend off problems such as dryness and roughness.

The FANCL Moisturizing Line is a perfect marriage of FANCL’S MUTENKA philosophy with Advanced Penetrating Nano Capsule Technology, which allows beauty products to be delivered quickly and deeply into the skin, for fast visible results.

The science behind FANCL Moisturizing Line effectiveness lies in its key active ingredients. Leading the way is natural plant extract, Raffinose that develops the pathway for moisture to penetrate deeply into the skin. Fresh Royal Jelly extract, one of nature’s treasures, then serves as a catalyst by enhancing the delivery of moisture to cells, allowing nutrients to be effectively absorbed by the skin. The concluding act is the all-natural Rice Ferment Extract which improves the skin’s natural moisturizing power.

What i feel about the FANCL Moisturizing Line:

I was wondering why Fancl's skincare products are all in such teeny weenie bottles and I almost thought.. could these be tester packs or deluxe sized samples? Turns out most of Fancl's Skincare products are packed for a 30-day supply, so they stay fresh to the last drop!

I most definitely think that it's a genius idea, living up to Fancl's philosopy, MUTENKA (無添加) which is only giving the skin what it truly needs and nothing else and containing no preservatives and potentially harmful additives. 

Other than the plus point of using fresh skincare, the small bottles of skincare makes it perfect packing our skincare in my swimming bag for re-application after a swim or for a trip and I hate to lug huge bottles of skincare around.

Last week I spent the weekend checking out Adventure Cove at RWS with my church mates, one of us is going to the UK to study for the next 1-2 years boo boo so it's our last outing all together for awhile. Gonna miss ya, Christy )':

LOL it's quite funny cos I had like this omg moment thinking this ride is SO FAMILIAR!!! and i realized ALL the rides in Adventure Cove is exactly like White Water World in Gold Coast [Read it HERE] haha just that it's like "miniaturized" as compared to the rides in White Water World, copy cat!

We had lots of fun but at the end of the day my skin felt so dry and raw from the combination of the hot sweltering sun + chlorine loaded pool water I needed the hydration so I put the FANCL Moisturizing Line to the test.
After cleansing my face, using a 20cent coin amount of Moisturizing Lotion i applied it by patting on my face and neck the texture is very watery and it absorbed into my skin so quickly it feel like i'm just patting on water haha but funny enough this "water" is pretty hydrating and my skin doesn't feel very tight and unconfortable. 

Followed by 1.5 pump of Moisturizing Essence and applied on areas that needed intense hydration like the forehead, side of the eye area and side of the nose to the mouth. The Essence is thicker and it took alittle more "patting" to finally be absorbed into my skin without leaving a sticky residue.
To seal in the moisture, I applied a 10 cent coin amount of Moisturizing Emulsion and my skin felt supple and smooth to the touch immediately.

That night, Leon + I followed with the Moisturizing Mask which is luxuriously saturated with rich and smooth beauty essence for intensive hydration!

I would say that my skin recovered from all the redness/raw feeling from the sun exposure because of the efficiency of the skincare range with nano capsule technology which delivered the beauty active ingredients in these skincare deeper into our skin.

Ninja Miao wants some love too!


I'm giving away a set of the Fancl Moisturizing range II that is suitable for dry skin worth S$121!

Moisturizing Lotion II
Moisturizing Emulsion II
Moisturizing Cream

All you have to do is comment on the comment box on the right
telling me what [topics etc?] you would like to see on TheLuckiestChick blog!
or if you're shy, email me at (:

All the best! 
This giveaway ends 29 September and is only open for readers in Singapore.

 The FANCL Moisturizing Line is available at all FANCL outlets. 
For store locations, kindly visit

Food Tasting: Smoulder Lava Cakes + the fiance's 27th birthday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ever wondered how that yummy gooey molten center will taste if not the classic dark chocolate flavor? I was invited to drop by for a taste of their exquisitely delicious Lava Cakes in 9 fancy flavours.

Smoulder Lava Cakes are carefully handmade using premium ingredients such as fresh fruits and Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolate. Before this, I've have never seen so many flavours of Lava Cakes!

Many of us would have had the classic dark chocolate and white chocolate lava cakes, so I found myself spoilt for choices in the face of so many unique flavours: 
Milk Chocolate Rum + Raisins / White Chocolate Matcha / White Chocolate Raspberry / White Chocolate Pistacho, just to name afew!

I tried the Classic must-have Dark Chocolate and two very unique flavours: 
White Chocolate Raspberry + White Chocolate Pistachio.

I were told that we could have these Lava Cakes in 3 different ways: 
We could have the traditionally warm Lava Cake heated in the microwave/oven, 
or have it chilled, or simply eat it at room temperature. 

The very thoughtful Smoulder team actually did a survey with men and women to find out how they like their Lava Cakes: the men couldn't care less about how hot their lava cakes were and they love Smoulder’s Lava Cakes even at room temperature. 
The ladies generally prefer to have their Lava Cakes heated to perfection.

I requested for our cakes to be heated just slightly for fear that we might burn my tongues, hehe.

Dark Chocolate
These are simply divine: the molten centre wasn’t exactly bursting from or flowing out of the cake, but the chocolate is so thick and rich and gooey, with the moist cake and slightly "crispy" crust. 
The dark chocolate is not bitter either, simply delicious!

White Chocolate Pistachio
Second on my list of favourites is the White Chocolate Pistachio flavour. You have to try this if you're a huge fan of nuts: crunchy and finely chopped pistachio nut sprinkled on top of a white chocolate cake, this is so refreshingly new and unique. The molten white chocolate pistachio is not too sweet but yet still very flavourful.

White Chocolate Raspberry
I was pleasantly surprised to find bits of raspberry fruit on the cake. Again as with all Smoulder’s Lava Cakes, it's not overly sweet and the molten center is not too runny, just the perfect texture!

 Have you ever regretted having a full meal at a restaurant because after your meal your stomach doesn’t have room for desserts? At Smoulder, the Lava Cakes are bite-sized and are wonderful even as a mid-day snack!

Smoulder’s Lava Cakes are available for take-away in 3 pcs / 9 pcs Smoulder pack [below] so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, next time if i'm hosting a dinner party and I'm lazy to make desserts, I'll definitely "tabao / take away" these sinful little Lava Cakes and simply pop them into the microwave/oven for a quick reheat before serving!

If you're looking for wedding favours, baby full-month treats or corporate events, Smoulder is able to customise all that for you, hop over to their Facebook page for pictures!


I loved it so much i went back to grab a pack of these when i was in Raffles City 
the other day for the fiance's 27th birthday! 
They were so nifty i was able to sneak pass Leon in his own home and surprise him at midnight lol!

Happy 27th Birthday baby (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.